What We Do

We buy and sell almost anything legal and non-perishable, old to new. With over 15 years of experience having bought and sold many thousands of items, we have expertise in a very wide range and quantity of things of all types and sizes, including antiques, vintage and collectible items, and consumer and industrial products both new and used.

We handle single items to collections to storage lockers to entire estates. We sell to customers throughout the United States and to practically all countries, and are Ebay experts with a nearly 100% positive rating over thousands of sales. We tend to handle smaller items we can put in a box and ship around the world, but have handled furniture, cars, industrial equipment and more. In general, if the item is worth more than the cost to ship it, we're interested.

Just some of the items we handle are:

  1. Costume and fine jewelry
  2. Coin collections
  3. Sterling silver items
  4. Old toys and comic books
  5. Knick-knacks
  6. Vintage Christmas items
  7. Military and sports memorabilia
  8. Classic audio equipment
  9. Musical instruments
  10. Vintage clothing
  11. Antique books
  12. Mid-century furniture
  13. Art Deco anything
  14. Industrial equipment
  15. Advertising pieces
  16. Old stock of consumer goods
  17. And much much more!

More than anything, we are your one source for payment or liquidation of almost any unwanted goods of value. You'd be surprised at how many things are worth more than you'd think. Don't throw it away. Call us first!

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