Over time, we've found that clients work with us for a number of reasons:


We all get into a pinch from time to time. Often, having a quick avenue to sell a piece of jewelry or other valuable item can get us through a rough spot. We've received numerous phone calls that resulted in us jumping in the car, heading to someone's house and buying something on the spot that provided the instant relief a client needed.


A lot of families these days have reached the point where the kids have grown up and moved away, and it doesn't make sense anymore to keep a house full of things-especially things the kids don't want! Often, our clients are moving to a smaller place and don't have room for all their things, especially items they no longer use. We have both purchased and sold on consignment rooms, attics and basements full of items whose time has come to move on to others that will use them.


Not only is the baby boom generation retiring and downsizing, but many older relatives of baby boomers are passing away or moving into full time care facilities. We help by buying or selling on consignment unwanted or unneeded items and transfering them into the hands of others who will appreciate and treasure them.


We are increasingly working with individuals and families to liquidate small to large collections, full rooms and entire estates. This can be an easier and quicker way to liquidate unwanted items for cash or discretely handle an estate liquidation without unwanted attention or the time and trouble of an estate sale.

Cash Paid or Consignment

Whether we buy items or sell them on consignment on Ebay, Craigslist or other suitable venues, our clients know they can trust us to be fair and honest and always act in their best interest. How can we help you? Please call or email us today.

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