About Us

We are passionate about antique and vintage items, and love to help others by buying or selling on consignment any items of value including consumer, commercial, industrial and other items. After over 15 years in this field, we still get excited every morning about meeting new people and handling things we've never handled before. This never gets old!

It brings us tremendous satisfaction to hand someone cash who is in a pinch, celebrate with clients when something we've sold for them on Ebay brings an unexpected sum or turns out to be something rare and valuable, and liquidate obsolete or excess stock that a client thought would have to be thrown away. We have a million stories we'd love to share with you!

Our Business

It started with an inherited duffel bag of costume jewelry. Going through it and realizing how beautiful and wondrous it was led to garage sales, estate sales, and selling all the excess on Ebay. This led to buying and selling all manner of antique, vintage and other valuable items through multiple venues and the realization that success and happiness come from doing what you love and helping others.

While our business started in Metro Detroit, we continue to expand and welcome business from throughout the United States. People have driven many miles to bring us carloads and truckloads of items, and we are willing to travel throughout the country to meet with clients when the volumes or values are sufficient.

We are now looking to expand our business throughout the country and plan to begin opening locations in cities in every state soon.

Who We Are

Cash Paid or Consignment was started by Richard Preston, BSE, MBA. After over thirty years of building quality companies and raising four children, Richard and his wife turned everything they learned about relationships, service, quality and efficiency into a second career of handling beautiful and valuable items and helping people. They have been steadily joined by friends and relatives who are equally fascinated with our passion and who get satisfaction by helping others.

This business is a joy. When you do it because you love it, it isn't a job.

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